East Farndon Village

East Farndon Parish Council has a Burial Ground Committee.

New Charges for 2019

Price for a single plot - £250.00

Price for a double plot - £450.00

Interment of ashes into an existing grave - £80.00

Interment of ashes into a new grave - £100.00

Erection of a headstone/memorial - £120.00

Byelaws as from 1st January 2019

All headstone/memorials and their wording must be approved by the Burial Ground Management Sub-Committee.

No curbstones, gravel, or ornamentation other than a headstone or memorial are to be placed on or around the burial plot.

The planting of shrubs or trees on or around the burial plot is not permitted.

The planting of flowers and/or bulbs is encouraged.

All waste, e.g. paper, plastics, etc. to be placed in the correct bin. Dead flowers, etc. to be disposed of in the open compost bin.

The Burial Ground Committee retains the right to remove items that contravene the byelaws.

If you have any queries, please contact parishclerk.eastfarndon@gmail.com.

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