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The current bus service for East Farndon ends on 26th October 2019 due to a change of provider (Centrebus to Uno), and the fact that Uno’s vehicles are not suitable for the route/junctions (particularly the Back Lane- Marston Road junction) . Whilst this is disappointing, Northamptonshire Highways Dept have pointed out that the service has only been used in East Farndon 4 times in 6 months.


More volunteers are required for Community Speedwatch, scheduled for October and also next year. If you are interested, please contact the Parish Clerk. parishclerk.eastfarndon@gmail.com


This event, on Friday 29th September, was very well attended and raised £235. Thanks to all who contributed in any way.


There's now a plan to mark the 75th anniversary of VE-day. Do you know the names of those men and women who lived in the village and served in the war? There were 4 who died and it appears there were 36 others who were given a grant by the 'Welcome Home Committee' with money raised by donations and events in the village. The aim is to discover the names of as many of those 36 as possible. Contact Judy Hodgetts, Jessica Oakden or Alan Langley if you can help. Click here to find out about the men who died while serving during World War 2. And click here to find what has been discovered so far about the other 36 people who served.


The photographic squad will start work on this project in September. There is room for a few more volunteers to join in. Anyone interested should contact Alan Langley.


Brenda Hyde has died at the age of 87. This is a sad moment for the village, particularly after the death of her husband John last year, because they had been stalwarts of village life since the 1960s. Although they had lived at Oxendon House care home the last few years, School House at the top of the village was their home during their time here. Brenda regularly ran a stall at the village fete. Many people now in their 40s and 50s will remember going to School House to Brenda's Play School when they were young. The village will miss her cheerful and friendly personality. The photo below shows her (on the left) at the 1994 fete. Brenda's funeral will be held in East Farndon parish church at 2 p.m. on Friday May 3rd. Please dress brightly if you attend, as she wanted. No flowers, but donations to MIND would be appreciated. Donations may be sent directly in Brenda's memory by using this link https://www.memorygiving.com/brendahyde

KEN WARD 1925-2019

News has been received of the death of Ken Ward in Australia at the age of 93. The Ward family lived at Farrer Farm and that is where Ken grew up, with his brothers Norman and Eric and sister Kathleen. Ken moved to Hillview on Back Lane with his wife Joan. They had four children - Barry, Robert, Leslie and Jayne. Next they built a new house - Springfield, on Main Street.They left there in 1970 for a new life in South Australia. Many of the village's longer-term residents will remember Ken and his family.


Northamptonshire County Council, having said it was closing down Street Doctor and moving everything over to a new system called Fix My Street, has now in its own curious and inscrutable way, told us to go back to StreetDoctor. Got that?  Post your complaints (unless they change their minds again) on Street Doctor at https://www3.northamptonshire.gov.uk/councilservices/northamptonshire-highways/roads-and-streets/Pages/report-highway-problem.aspx


The Parish Council have contacted the police to resolve the issue of parking on pavements which obstructs pedestrians in particular for buggies and mobile scooters.  The police advise that Main Street has no parking restrictions so vehicles can park on the road, but in any event a space a metre wide on the pavement should be left so people can get past safely. We don’t want to be in a position where police start issuing tickets in the village so please can everyone park considerately.


After several months of a combination of cancer and dementia, Win Shellard has died at the age of 90. She left London as an evacuee during the Second World War and found herself in East Farndon. By the early 1950s she was still here and married Ray Shellard. They moved into what were then new houses in The Lealand and she lived there for the rest of her life, staying there after Ray's death. She was a cheerful and friendly person and did much over the years to keep village life alive. The picture below from the 1970s shows her on the extreme left, washing up after an event in the old village hall.


Sadly, the death has occurred of John Hyde, a long-term resident of the village, former churchwarden and parish councillor. He spent the last few years in Oxendon House, with his wife Brenda. John was a chartered mechanical engineer. His particular expertise was in gas turbines, on which he spent most of his working life. He died on 10th August, just two days short of his 87th birthday.


Information on those who fought and died as well as those who fought and survived can now be found on the War Memorial page.


The Parish Council have been investigating ways of reducing traffic speeds in conjunction with NCC, particularly along Main Street which is prone to fast speeds and selfish driving, causing nuisance at least and real danger at worst.  So watch this space … and watch your speed!


A message from the police: "Over recent weeks, the increase of theft from outbuildings, garden machinery, suspicious circumstances around vehicles and persons has increased around this area.  On a positive note, it is great that people are reporting these incidents to us. .  On a not so positive note, it saddened me to hear that incidents are happening and not getting reported to us, because in the people's words, “Nothing gets done”, or that people have been on hold for 20 minutes calling 101.Rather than not report an incident at all, obviously calling 101 is the main way of contacting us, but are you aware that you can report crimes via the force website?

Without being told about incidents, we, the police can't assess the incident, link it to other crimes and then conduct patrols accordingly.  The biggest message from your local police today is, please please please, follow your gut feeling.  If it doesn’t feel right, it most probably isn’t so report it."


The trustees of the Village Hall are Lynn Deacon (chair), David Deacon, Sheila Fox, Jim Grant, Sue Grant, Stephanie Hook, Jan Cooper, Bob Osborn and Judy Hodgetts. 


Whoever it is who lets their dog(s) foul the churchyard, please stop it and clear up the mess! People visiting their family graves should not have to tiptoe through unsavoury piles.


Everyone should realise that the village's United Charities are there for the benefit of village residents. Don't be put off by the word 'charity'! Grants are available for school leavers for help in the purchase of books, equipment and computers for work or further study. Also for those still at school, especially those going on from Primary to Secondary school, grants can be given for educational trips, uniforms and purchase of computers. Those going on from Clipston school can usually be contacted, but if your child is moving from another primary school, he/she might be overlooked, so do get in touch. Contact the clerk to the trustees, Pam Haynes. 


The land is administered as a charity with three trustees - the Rector and the two churchwardens.

Finally this piece of land has a name - 'Marriott Green' - in honour of the late Charles Marriott who did so much towards the purchase, restoration and maintenance of the land when he was in better health.



Please note that the minutes of meetings are now on a separate page. Go there for the latest information.


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