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Ernie, who had lived in Oxendon House for the last few years, has died at the age of 100. For many years after the second world war he worked for Major Cowen at the Hall. He was responsible for the gardens and built a swimming-pool there for the Cowens, using some of the stone from Papillion Hall, the house in Lubenham which was demolished. He was a kind and generous man, always ready with a humorous comment. In the 1920s he and his family lived in the Lodge, an isolated house out in the fields by the bridleway that runs between the Lubenham Road and the Marston Road. They were the last people to live there. The house was abandoned and eventually demolished, so that little trace of it remains. One thing people who knew him will definitely remember is the regular sight of Ernie driving up and down the village in his three-wheeled Reliant Robin.


Denis, who was in his 80s, died in the early hours of December 20th in Kettering Hospital. He had been ill for several weeks. Denis was a real Farndon man -  the Tebbutts have lived in the village for more than a hundred years and Denis was the third generation to make Farndon their home. He will be greatly missed by his three children and all those who valued his constant and dependable presence in The Lealand.


The Parish Council have been investigating ways of reducing traffic speeds in conjunction with NCC, particularly along Main Street which is prone to fast speeds and selfish driving, causing nuisance at least and real danger at worst.  So watch this space … and watch your speed!


It's a tribute to the village's generosity that the Pub Night raised £215; the Movie Makers evening raised £206; and the Halloween Party raised £145. All this for village causes. Well done to the organisers!


Anyone who has lived in Farndon for a few decades will be saddened to hear of the death of Barry March, at the age of 81. His parents kept the village shop and post office (now the Old Post Office) till 1980. Barry, who never married, moved out of the village then but always remained in touch with his old community and attended many village events. In recent years he has been living at Oxendon House Care Home. The March family have been part of the village fabric over many years; his sister Jean is still in Farndon W.I. and his nephew David lives in the village.;  .


The service operates from Monday to Saturday. It will pick up or set down in Market Harborough at several places, including the supermarkets and medical centres. You can also catch a connection to Leicester, Northampton or Milton Keynes. Bus passes are accepted. The service operates on demand but anyone interested will need to register. The contact number is 0845 456 4474. There is a website at www.county-connect.co.uk However, the County is now intending to withdraw funding during 2018 so that this service would be withdrawn. The village would have no bus service after this. If you wish to comment, you can send an email to consult@northamptonshire.gov.uk


If you go to the Police page, you'll find a message from Northants Police about how they intend to do more with less, better. Find out why STCs are being rebranded as NPTs. We wish them well as they attempt to spread their dwindling resources round the county. Also go to the same page if you want to know how and when to contact the police.


Good to report that the Fete raised £1910 towards the church and Marriott Green maintenance.


It' s not easy to accept that Daisy Haynes has died. She has been an integral part of village life for a long time. The Haynes family have been with us since the nineteenth century and it's sad to report the end of another generation. She was Daisy Hurn until she married Bill Haynes. She was 86 and lived to enjoy seeing her great-grandchildren.


No, not the general election - the Parish Council has a new chairman, Richard West. Richard has been vice-chair for some time and following the resignation of Ivor Langley, has moved into the chairman's role. Ivor has stepped down from the Council after some years and his service as Chair over that period has been much appreciated. His departure from the Council means there is now a vacancy - anyone interested in becoming a Parish Councillor?


Charles died on 22nd March after a long illness. He had moved in to the new houses next to the church when they were first built. Since then he was instrumental in securing for the village the piece of land next to the church and over several years had planted shrubs and flowers to make it an attractive place. His name will be remembered, as it has been decided to call this village land 'Marriott Green'.


Everyone who knew David will be upset to learn that he died on Monday 9th January. He was the Newsletter secretary for several years, till last year. He was always friendly and interesting to talk to; Home Farm Close and the village in general will not be the same without him. He was in his 80s.


Piggin is a well-known name in the village and has been for many decades. So it's sad to report the death of Anne at the age of 79. She was the wife of the late Sid and lived for many years at Spring Cottage and then in The Lealand. She was the sister-in-law of Ernie, who is currently in Oxendon House.


Over recent weeks, the increase of theft from outbuildings, garden machinery, suspicious circumstances around vehicles and persons has increased around this area.  On a positive note, it is great that people are reporting these incidents to us. .  On a not so positive note, it saddened me to hear that incidents are happening and not getting reported to us, because in the people's words, “Nothing gets done”, or that people have been on hold for 20 minutes calling 101.Rather than not report an incident at all, obviously calling 101 is the main way of contacting us, but are you aware that you can report crimes via the force website?

Without being told about incidents, we, the police can't assess the incident, link it to other crimes and then conduct patrols accordingly.  The biggest message from your local police today is, please please please, follow your gut feeling.  If it doesn’t feel right, it most probably isn’t so report it.


The trustees of the Village Hall are Lynn Deacon (chair), David Deacon, Sharon Dunkley, Sheila Fox, Jim Grant, Sue Grant, Marlene Hook, Stephanie Hook, Jan Cooper, Bob Osborn and Jean Westwood. 


Whoever it is who lets their dog(s) foul the churchyard, please stop it and clear up the mess! People visiting their family graves should not have to tiptoe through unsavoury piles.


The cleaning of the hall is done by volunteers, to keep costs down. Anyone prepared to help should contact any Village Hall Trustee. The more volunteers, the less often their services are required!     


Everyone should realise that the village's United Charities are there for the benefit of village residents. Don't be put off by the word 'charity'! Grants are available for school leavers for help in the purchase of books, equipment and computers for work or further study. Also for those still at school, especially those going on from Primary to Secondary school, grants can be given for educational trips, uniforms and purchase of computers. Those going on from Clipston school can usually be contacted, but if your child is moving from another primary school, he/she might be overlooked, so do get in touch. Contact the clerk to the trustees, Pam Haynes. 


The land is administered as a charity with three trustees - the Rector and the two churchwardens.

Finally this piece of land has a name - 'Marriott Green' - in honour of the late Charles Marriott who did so much towards the purchase, restoration and maintenance of the land when he was in better health.



Please note that the minutes of meetings are now on a separate page.
Council Members. Who are they? Richard Green, Jan Cooper, Carla Crifo, Paul Hodgetts, Russell Burton, Richard West (chair). The clerk is Rosie Warne. There is a vacancy now as Ivor has stood down after his second stint in the chair.

Precept 2017/18 - this was discussed at the February meeting; the Precept is the budget the Council agrees is needed for the next nancial year. An amount has been included to make improvements to the area around the spring.

Planning - permission has been granted to build two affordable homes on the site of the garages just off the Harborough Road.

Street Lighting. Efforts have beenand are being made to get the light at Horseshoe Cottage working.

Heavy Vehicles on Lubenham Road. Damage is being caused by these vehicles and there are safety issues as well. The County Council seems unmoved by the problem, so our County Councillor will see what she can achieve.

Minor works - the Council is putting in a bid to the county council to get some minor works done, which could be the cleaning of street signs, or maybe if we’re lucky the clearing of Ash Lane.

Neighbourhood Watch - the main issue at the moment is theft from unsecured premises such as sheds and garages; you can sign up for alerts if you contact Bob Osborn.

Superfast Broadband - we are apparently at ‘Stage 3’ which means we’ll find out more in January 2017. The link is http://www.superfastnorthamptonshire.net/Pages/home.aspx to find out more. It now appears that Clipston have now got a plan to get super-fast broadband, so the Council is going to talk to those involved there and see if their plan could work in Farndon.

Defibrillator. Steps are to be taken to acquire a defibrillator for the village, probably to be sited at the Village Hall.


If you have items of news or information for inclusion in the Parish Magazine (or Village Newsletter, call it what you will), then Mandy Dargie is the person to contact at a_dargie@sky.com
This website is largely dependent on the Parish Magazine for information - so please supply anything of interest!

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