East Farndon Village

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Posted by Maria Fish-Renear on 16/06/2019

Traced my Family to this village (sons of Thomas Fish). Three brothers: Nathaniel, John, and Jonathon left East Farndon in 1627 for America. Would be nice to visit someday.

Posted by Betty Kales on 08/08/2017   Email

Have just traced my 7xGG Robert Sutton here back to 1600. Looks like a lovely little village.

Posted by Mary Membrillera on 02/06/2017   Email

I used to love playing with my friend Christine Haynes at the farm her father ran with his brother Cyril and sister Phyllis. We helped pick the apples and plums from the fruit trees in the summer and helped stook the hay bales when the bailing was underway. It was a very special time for me and remembered with happiness.My mother(Winnie Woodliffe was a member of the WI, maybe secretary for a while, she also sang in the WI choir which was under the tuition of Mrs Furnish. East Farndon is a lovely village and I hope it never loses the small village quality of life.

Posted by Edward (Ted) on 25/03/2017   Email

Hello, I was in the children's home at East Farndon roughly between the years of 1943-46. If there is anyone out there who was in the same home, roughly around the same time, please contact me.

Posted by Marie Hinson on 12/08/2016

Very interesting site. Great to know the history of the village that our son will raise his family in.

Posted by Russell Burton on 03/08/2016

Dear Carly - you might like to look at the pre-school in Clipston: http://www.steppingstonesclipston.co.uk and also the primary school: http://www.clipstonprimaryschool.org for which the bus stops in East Farndon. Best regards, Russell & Caroline Burton, Ivy House

Posted by Carly Jeanneret on 06/06/2016

Hello, My husband and I will be moving to East Farndon over the summer with our 3 young boys (they are 5yrs, 3yrs and 9 months old). We are looking forwards to getting to know the village and wondered if there were any other young families close by? Also, can anyone offer any advice, guidance or pearls of wisdom regarding local primary schools please? Thank you, Carly

Posted by shiela on 12/03/2014   Email

You might remember me has shiela hill who live at 25 the lealand east fardon I was mate glyn houston

Posted by Abi Parsons on 13/01/2014   Email

I lived at The Dales in Farndon up to the age of 8. My parents (Lorraine and David Jones) and brother Andrew and myself moved to Oxford in1981. I have lots of happy memories playing in the fields, village fates etc. I went to the playschool and later to Clipston primary school. My friends were Ellie Jeffrey who lived in the old bake house and Rachel Weeks who lived up by the church in an upside down house.

Posted by david wright on 21/03/2013   Email

i notice the church opposite the school where miss mc dowel lived and taught that brought memories of singing every sunday in church has been demolished . the kids from the home were chosen for our sweet voices,. my other memory is locking myself and another kid in the clock tower at clipston grammar school. that was good . the teacher and police were real worried. .

Posted by david wright on 21/03/2013   Email

i was a resident of the childrens homes east farndon. for many years..i well remember any trouble it was blamed on the kids from the home.what a place it was i think the master was a mr pledger. and the chap from the council was named abbot a job we had if we were naughty (which was often) was to scrub the playing yard on a saturday morning.. i am now nearing my 90s but can remember a lot of the times.i ended my time in homes going in the army and getting a rank then into the civil service . but i would not like to go back to the homes.

Posted by Richard Johnson on 09/11/2012   Email

My wife and I have recently bought spring cottage near the bottom of the village which we are going to renovate it into our family home. Can't wait!! It would be interesting to learn about any history surrounding the house and see any old photographs. Thanks in advance. Rich & Donna

Posted by Andy Norman on 20/06/2012   Email

Having traced my ancestors back to East Farndon from the 16th to the 19th century, I visited the village this month out of curiosity. It seemed a very peaceful place, surrounded by countryside and other small villages. I would be grateful to receive details of any social history relating to the Norman family.

Posted by Aad on 03/06/2012

Because of finding an balloon i visited your site. Nice village, but where in Engeland I can find this village. Can you send a google map links. Have great fun. Aad from the Netherlands

Posted by Colin Reeves on 04/01/2012   Email

Close association with the village for many years.Grandfather,grandmother,Father,mother and youngest brother all lie in the churchyard.Grandfather is mentioned on the War Memorial although he did not die.Mother played the organ as stand in from 1933 to 1950 and I audited the church accounts during the Treasureship of both John Clifford and Ray Clifford.I feel a close affinity with the village.

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